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Thread: Full Format And Install OS X

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    Full Format And Install OS X
    Hello, I've been a PC/Windows user for over 20 years and just go an iMAC this weekend... I'm loving every bit of it.

    I've spent some time over the weekend and during the week playing within OS X. I've installed Boot-Camp (on a seperate bootable drive) as well as parallels.

    I wanted to find out how I can "start over the machine from scatch" and do a full format of all of the hard disk partitions and re-install OS-X. In other words, how do I wipe out everything and start again?

    I tried to install the OS-X CDs within OS-X, it re installs, but my old programs are still there after I'm done..... please help.

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    you will have to choose erase & install at the time of reinstalling ...please make sure you have any/all important data backed up...
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    Boot from the disc and find Disk Utility from under one of the the menu bar options on top. Select the drive and erase any partitions and create a new one. Then go back to OS X setup and select the Erase & Install option.

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