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    Fans Blowing, Wont start up all the way
    hey there,

    mac specs: dual 1.8 G5 powermac, 2 g RAM. OSX.4.11

    came into work today and my computers fans were blowing very loudly. also, it wouldnt wake up so i did a force restart. it will start up all the way to when the desktop pic comes up but the file bar wont show up all the way, and no files appear on the desktop and only the spotlight comes up and it never starts up all the way. this has happened before, so i run disk permissions and verify/repair disk. that seems to work. but i just dont understand why this happens. i dont put the computer to sleep at night for back-up reasons. any ideas? thanks in advance.

    p.s. im booted up in safe mode to write this.

    pps. also, my IT guy (genius) said to trash my custom desktop picture, and that works as well. totally weird.
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    Yeah Safe Boot mode gets rid of junk left in the system.

    You'll notice that after a Safe Boot and you've logged in your user account, there's all sorts of files in there.

    I'd run MainMenu (or OnyX) just to clean up the user cache and the system cache (deep clean).

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