Hi Guys, 1st time poster.

I'm running a mac mini and have recently got an iomega external hd to store and backup on. Originally, I moved the home folder with all my files onto the external, which was seemless.

I've become frustrated with the short delays when opening files and the drive noise of the external drive so moved my home folder back to it's rightful place (with all the music, pictures etc).

Now I have tried to create aliases in the home folder to the new location of my pictures and music on the external drive but 2 things are wrong...

1. I cannot delete the original 'home folder' of either pictures and music as osx needs them of course

2. the new alias folder icons placed in the places section of the toolbar window don't have the mini pictures on them whic resemble the music, documents etc.

Is this possible to remedy?

Regards to all...