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    10.5 on External Drive, not working?
    After installing on a WD external hard drive how do I make it my primary drive.

    Chose the external as start-up disk but every time it restarts using the internal drive.

    Even tried holding down (Option-Command-Shift-Delete).

    After the chime I see a finder box with a question mark in it.

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    Is that hard drive set to primary, or slave? You might need to pop the case off the external and set the "jumper" to primary.

    Maybe I'm wrong, and it's a software or preferences issue. I'd wait for a few more responses before pulling your external apart.
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    External drives will not boot all Macs, for in stance PowerMac G4 will not boot. USB 2.0 is not always fast enough to boot either. Do you wish to format internal HDD, and copy information and OS from external? If so use SuperDuper or some such application.

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    Mar 14, 2008
    I have a IMac G5, 180 gb hard drive, the external is a My Book Studio Edition 320 gb connected using a firewire. After installing 10.5 I wanted to migrate everything over to the external and use the internal as the backup.

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    try carbon copy cloner. I just bought a new internal drive, cloned the current one to my external drive and then replaced the internal. When ccc is used it makes the destination drive bootable, allowing you to use the internal drive for backup.

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