I have a problem where .mac won't sync bookmarks but syncs everything else.
To explain my situation I had a problem with my MBP where because of some bad memory I started having a lot of problems with OS X even after fixing the memory. I decided to do a fresh install of OS X so used .mac to sync all my ical, mail, bookmarks, etc. to my Mac Pro. I did this and I checked and everything including bookmarks synced fine to my Mac Pro. After I reinstalled OS X Leopard on my MBP I then did the sync again to sync everything back.
Initially everything synced fine except for bookmarks and mail. This was last night and I tried it several times. I did another sync this morning, first from my Mac Pro to .mac and then .mac to the MBP and this time it synced all my email accounts but still has not synced by Safari bookmarks.
I did some reading online and did see mention of a problem with the Safari 3.1 and also OS X 10.5.2. I know my Mac Pro was a 10.5.2 but my MBP at that time was 10.5.1. I also used Safari 3.0 but believe my Mac Pro had already been upgraded to Safari 3.1.
Any idea how I can fix this? In a worse case is there a way I can manually copy my Safari bookmarks over?