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Thread: Cannot install os x

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    Cannot install os x
    Hello there. I came across an old ibook G3. It was running os 9 but it was not working too well so I installed os x 1.4 from the os x discs that came with my mac mini. Everything was working great for a while until it crashed. I have tried to re-install os x but it will not recognise the hard drive. To make matters worse, the os 9 discs that came with the ibook will not boot. I tried booting from a linux disc and I successfully installed debian linux but I would really like to re-install os x if possible.

    Is there any sort of boot disc available that will allow me to partition and format the hdd so that os x will recognise it? When I boot from the os x disc it will crash if I open the disk utility program.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Your problem is that you are trying to install OSX from a mac mini disc set-up on that G3. The install discs were designed for the mini and will not install on the machine.

    You will have to get a retail copy of 10.4 from ebay, retail copies are not the grey colored discs, so they will install on any supported mac

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    worked before
    I got it wrong. Actually using the install discs for my iMac that runs a PPC processor. My Mac Mini is an intel one and uses a DVD disc, the iBook does not support DVD so I'm using the CD install discs. The discs worked fine before, I have no idea why they won't work now. The HDD will not be recognised.

    There are no boot discs at all available for mac? I just want to see what is wrong with the hdd and see if I can reformat it seeing that I cannot do this for some reason with the install discs.

    I might just install linux I guess, os x ran really slow my ibook before because of the slow processor.

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