Well, a while back, my brand new, 3 week old, 2008 MacBook 2.4 gHZ 160 GB's keyboard just stopped working. I looked it up on google, and most people's freezes lasted for a few minutes. Mine wouldn't work for a day. So I reset the PRAM and did a SMC reset, and it still didn't work. I repaired permissions off my install CD and the keyboard worked again. yay.

Last night, the keyboard died again. I reset the PRAM, SMC, and repaired permissions. Nothing. I left it for a night, to hope it would fix itself, but it didn't.

The strange thing is, I can type in my password at login, and Option, Shift, Command and Ctrl all work. So do the F1 through F12 buttons. But once I login, only letters and the space bar are totally unresponsive.

I've looked through google, and so far I've found no one with a problem like mine. Also, I after I fixed the keyboard the first time, I tried installing a software update that Apple released for the problem, but apparently I already had it installed.

Is there anything I haven't tried yet?

Thanks in advance