Hello, yesterday the network admin at work set the password policy to 8 characters minimum with at least one special character, at least one number and at least one capital letter and I made a variation of the password on my mac to fill the requirements.

I had the brilliant idea to change the one on my mac as well. Now I cant remember it! I had the admin reset the password on the Windows side but my mac is still unresolved.

I'm still logged in BTW and was able to set never to sleep and no pass on screensaver.

Um.. HELP!

EDIT: Never mind, turns out the input language was set to spanish!! Move along, nothing to see here...

I called up the local Apple store and they told me to check a couple of settings before turning to other methods and turns out that the input language was set to spanish which made the @ sing not to be assigned to shift+2. Boy do I feel stupid!