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Thread: 10.5.3 underway

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    10.5.3 underway

    The Core Animation memory leak is an interesting one, considering the hard time often dished out when people complain about RAM availability and animation jerkiness.

    Anyway, looks promising, good to see Apple is sill striving for perfection with Leopard.
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    dvd player has been my biggest issue. Something to do with parallels with it.

    when i load parallels/image, dvd player inside osx causes a kernel panic. even when the image is shut down, and parallels is turned off, still gets a panic. Its very reproducible. Its my only issue though.
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    Is it coming out soon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skyrider007 View Post
    Is it coming out soon?
    Probably within the next few weeks or so.
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