i know this has been previously discussed but i cant find the answer to my specific situation.
i am using an imac and had a partition installed in it when i first bought it. this partition is given over to xp hardrive, which i now never use. i need to free up the 75gb of space that is laying dormant, but cant seem to delete it as it would seem that because i am using 10.4.11 and not jaguar, or whatever the latest 10.5 is, it renders my bootcamp obsolete so i can do nothing unless i purchase jaguar!!! is that right?
is it legal?
why should they be able to make a portion of my computer basically inoperable to me just because they bring out new software? you dont buy a car and expect them to stop letting you put drive it unless you buy a new engine, right?
ps. i have tried deleting thru disc utility but cannot seem to get that option to be available to me.
thanks in anticipation.