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Thread: Mouse copy & paste (Linux bash style) in OS X ?

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    Mouse copy & paste (Linux bash style) in OS X ?
    Hi All;

    As a former Linux biggot I really like (liked) to double click the mouse in a bash terminal (in Konsole) to select a "word" (which would get say a full path all in one shot) and then I could do the middle mouse click to paste in another window.

    Any way to have this same behavior in a mac bash terminal ? the paste woks in the same window but not across windows

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    I understand completely. I really missed this capability too when I transferred from Linux to Mac. Unfortunately, I have never found a replacement for this function. It appears to be a native capability of X Windows which is not replicated in any other windowing system I have worked with.
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    If you're really hung up on it, I bet you could install X11 and use XTerm instead of

    The Mac Way™ is to highlight and drag-and-drop text, though.

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    Mouse copy & paste (Linux bash style) in OS X ?
    Check out this:

    This has teh ability to do 'x11' style copy and paste (eg, select to copy, middle click to paste).

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