Imac 10.5, 2 Ghz, brand new, just hooked it up, transfered data from my other Imac via Firewire, everything works fine accept email problem. When Mail is open, and I go to File Menu and slide down to Preferences, it just brings up a window showing Rules. I deleted all the rules, still when I go to email File, Preferences it just brings up the Rules window which is now blank.

How can I access the rest of email Preferences?

Also problem with items in Drafts folder, they wont delete. When I highlite one and click on delete it disappears, but when I close and come back it is still there. Also, when I delete it the number next to Drafts (# of messages), stays the same even though the draft disappears but then is back again when I reopen email.

It deletes messages from other folders just fine, but wont delete the items in the Drafts folder.