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Thread: Boneheaded newb wants to take screenshots

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    Boneheaded newb wants to take screenshots
    Ok this boneheaded newb who did search this forum and knows there are articles about it can't seem to find them and also did a google search but might be a doofus about what search terms to put in to it but can anyone give me the simple 411 on how to create screenshots of my Leopard desktop ?
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    Shift-command-3 takes a pic of the entire desktop.

    Shift-comand-4 turns the pointer into crosshairs. Drag the mouse over a chosen area, and voila.

    Go to a menu-bar item and click it. Shift-command-4-spacebar turns the pointer into a camera. Click the mouse for a pic of the chosen drop-down menu.

    The pix appear on the desktop. The free utility application Onyx allows you to change the desktop pix to jpgs and others.

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    the space bar trick works with all windows not just menu items just to add to that.
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    Thank you so much
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    Well, there is the sticky thread, "Often forgot screenshot method..." at the top of this forum.
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