Just my own two cents about the recent security update from apple, I have an old 800 ibook, that asked if I wanted to continue with the software update (for tiger), I clicked yes (which I am starting to think is the dumbest thing to do these days), only to get the Black Restart screen over and over again. Not being able to log in, I called apple, to which they replied with, boot up on the installer discs and run disc repairs, which also did nothing...

I basically had to archive and reinstall the old tiger software, and the update again to get my machine back up and running.

What is going on over in Cupertino? I was more shocked when I asked the applecare specialist if it was possible that they sent the wrong update to the wrong machines...?

His reply, "Yes, it is very possible".

Thanks for your time and your great site!

OG Apple user, Slightly upset now.