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    Leopard permssion issues
    Hi everybody,

    Looking for some help here. I have recieved a few new laptops with Leopard. Our users connect to a 10.3.9 XServe with a couple shares and some connect to a couple smb shares. I am no longer able to change permissions on files and folders on those shares using the get info on those files and folders. When I try to change the permissions on the group or or owner it doesnt do anything. I dont have this problem with 10.4. Any help would be appriciated.


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    Change the permissions on the machine where the share lives.

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    Permission issues
    The permissions are set on the XServe. If users copy files to the share it only gives the owner R/W access. The share is setup to give the AD group R/W access, the onwer R/W access, and other Read access. When you copy a file out there you cannot change the permissions. If you do a file Save as and save the file to the share it allows you to edit the permissions of the file.

    I also noticed that when I look at permission on a shared folder from a 10.4 client everything is how it should be. On 10.5 client the when I get a get info on the shared folder I get the AD group with only read access, which on the 10.4 machine they have R/W.

    It is really odd all the way around on a 10.5 client. 10.4 has its quarks, but it is nothing near 10.5 so far.

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