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    Installing Leopard on a new HDD
    Last week, the HDD on our 2 years old MacBook crashed and because we never bothered to make a boot disc for it and lost the original CD, I've decided that best thing to do is to install the new Leopard program once the new 120GB HDD arrives. This is my first experience with anything Apple of this magnitude. My question is that will it be possible to install Leopard onto what will essentially be an empty HD without any previous OSX version?

    Thank you for any responses.

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    i just went through the same thing with my MBP.
    you will need to run disk utility and format the disc first, then it you can install OS.

    edit: i just remebered though that leopard went and looked for 10.4 first, it wouldnt install without it so i had to install 10.4 first then 10.5. not sure of a work around if you dont have your 10.4 discs.

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    You can install Leopard if you have the full retail DVD version. It is a black colored disc. Pop it into the optical drive, to to Disk Utility and format the Drive Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and let the install run with only the keyboard and mouse connected. When finished go to Software Update to make sure it is up to date.

    If necessary install the optional bundled printer drivers etc.

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    Sweet! Thank you.

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