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    Norton AntiVirus is crashing - taking out disk
    I posted a topic yesterday concerning my 80 Meg hard disk which actually had 60 meg of free space on it but system reported it as almost full. A backup and restore (from mirror) fixed the problem.

    I have found what is doing this. I just tried running a demo version of Norton AntiVirus and it crashed. When an antivirus scan is started the system crashes and what appears to be an Apple error dialog appears stating that system need to be restarted. (its a gray black box with the start button icon in it. The msg is in english and 3 other languages.)

    When I restarted my Mac my free space now shows as 14 gig. Just before the crash I had 54 Gig of free space!!! No disk or file util shows me what is taking up 40 gig of the disk. Diskwarrior shows no problems.

    Only a backup, erase, and restore fixes the problem.

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    To resolve your problem don't use any Norton products with OS X. Norton only works in OS 9. Everything I have read on the net says that Norton and OS X does not work well together.
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