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    backup procedure and transfering data onto new internal hard drive
    im wondering how to back up existing hard drive info and swap out hard drive for a larger one in my macbook. Does the info come with the new hard drive?
    i have purchased a hitachi 200gig 7200rpm and hope the info comes with it on how to back up and put everything back again in working order..i would appreciate any helpful thoughts or suggestions.

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    First, get a 2.5" hard drive enclosure, put your new hitachi drive in, and connect it to your MB

    use Superduper and clone your existing hard drive to your new one.

    Download and use to back up and clone your drives for free
    buy only if you need scheduling, Smart Update, Sandboxes, scripting, etc unlocked

    then you just need to swap out your existing hard drive for your new hitachi drive and put your old one in your enclosure where you can do whatever with it.
    If you don't know how to swap out your drive just follow the directions from

    and your done, just start it up and all your apps and settings will be as they were before the swap.

    Since it's a new drive and all you may want to run disk utility and repair disk permissions after.

    hope all that helps.

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    Here's the way Apple says to do it:

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