Our company is looking into binding our macs to our active directory but we are running into some permissions issues. I have no problems binding the machines to our domain. The problem occurs when there is a space in the username. When a user with a space in their name logs into the mac they do not have permissions to their own profile. Example, if I try to open the documents folder it will say "The folder Documents could not be opened because you do not have sufficient access priviledges".

When I highlight the profile name and go to "get info" all the permissions look fine. The owner is correct and it says I have read and write access. However, if I click on any item within the profile such as "music" and go to get info then the permissions are not inherited properly. Under "Ownership and Permissions" it says I have no access. The ower is system rather than myself and the group is "wheel" rather than domain users. Others is set to No access rather than Read only. I have go in and fix all the permissions to make the profile usable but this is not ideal since multiple domain users will be using each machine.

This only occurs if their is a space in the username. When the usernam has no spaces then all owernership and permissions are set the way it should be.

This has happend on multiple machines. We are testing on a macbook pro with 10.4.11 installed. All software updates have been done. wondering if anyone has seen something like this before.