I have two 80 Gig ATA physical drives in my G4. Second drive is used exclusively to do daily MIRROR backups using Deju Vu. I recently installed these drives and usage has been a mere 20 Gig.

But today my "main" drive is reporting only 1.65 G available. My "Mirror" drive is still reporting 59 Gig available. I "calculated" all the folders on the drive and they only add up to about 20 gig. I did a fresh MIRROR backup and the mirror drive is still reporting 59 gig available while the main dirve is still reporting only 1.6 available.

I examined the files (by size) and I have nothing near 80 gig on the main drive.

What's taking up 60 gig on my main drive that is not being put on the "mirror" backup? How can I find what is happening? (beside copying the mirror back to the main?)

If I do have large "invisible" temp file (or such) on the main drive does this mean my mirror backup is not truly a "mirror"??