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    How Do I make VLC the default Flash Player?

    .....and a happy chocolate holiday

    I have a number of .flv files on my machine which have a Windows Player as the default. (These files were copied over from a Gatesmobile...)

    Now I can right click and select 'Open With... for example, VLC, but it's a bit tiresome, and all the extra effort is wearing me out.

    How do I make VLC the default, so that a double click will do the trick?

    Cheers Mitcherooney (I wish I'd chosen a shorter name...)

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    right click on any .flv file...& select get the popup window you will see a drop down box called open vlc there & click on the change all button right below it...that's're all set...
    << i can explain it to you...but i can't understand it for you... >>

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    Use Get info to view the properties. Under "Open with" - select the Flash player and hit change all.

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    Thanks to Rohan and Chilbear for your quick replies. That's solved that problem. Bit by bit I'm getting the hang of it. Cheers M

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