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    VMWare removing virtual xp machines
    so while installing VMWare 1.1.1 on my macbook-pro 10.2.5 i hit a snag, the my windows install cd went bad. unable to continue the installation installed a second virtual machine with success.

    after the 2nd successful installation i positioned my cursor over the failed virtual machine, found its location and deleted it. its gone from the display list.

    -even tho the failed virtual machine was deleted from the display list is there still a 20gig partition on my macbook-pro hard drive??
    -in Terminal (or an upper level mac finder application) how can i verify there is no partition orphaned??

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    It depends on how you installed XP. If you used BootCamp and then used Fusion to load the boot camp partition as a virtual machine then your HDD would be partitioned.

    If you created an actual virtual machine WITHOUT the use of BootCamp then there are NO partitions to deal with. Your virtual machine file is stored in the User/Documents/Virtual Machines folder. Deleting the VM from that directory will delete the entire contents of your XP installation with no residual files left behind.

    Personally I used BootCamp so that I'm able to boot into Windows natively. I also have the ability to boot into Windows through vmware Fusion while I'm working in OS-X so that I have two OS's running at once. VERY COOL!

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