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    remove sent mail sound

    Is there a way to get rid of the airplane sound that happens whenever email is sent? My wife hates the sound.


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    assuming you are using mail

    Preferences > general > play sounds for other mail actions (tick box)

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    looking for this today
    about a year late but hey - if you still havent found the answer - i found this today. it works great :

    To change the sounds played for "other" Mac OS X Mail actions:

    Make sure you have AIFF versions of the sounds you want played .
    With Mail open, Control-click on its Dock icon.
    Select Show In Finder from the menu.
    Shut down Mail.
    In Finder, while holding down the Option key drag and drop Mail next to itself, to create a backup copy
    (called "Mail copy" by default).
    Control-click on the original Mail icon.
    Select Show Package Contents from the menu.
    Open the Contents and then the Resources folders.
    Replace the desired sound file with your (identically named) version:
    Mail Sent.aiff plays when a message has been delivered.
    No Mail.aiff Mail has checked for mail, but nothing new has arrived.
    Mail Fetch Error.aiff indicates the last attempt to retrieve mail was unsuccessful.
    Start Mail to hear your new sounds in action.

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