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    Issue with 10.5.2 and software update

    Recently I had to rebuild by MacBook after a hard drive failure. The hard drive was replaced and everything is back to normal EXCEPT for the following issue.

    When I try to install Mac OS X Update Combined via Software Update, the mac logs out to a blue screen with a software update dialog box. The box states 'installing 1 item' and 'configuring installation', but it hangs on the screen and doesn't do anything from there on.

    Can someone please help me?



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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, SteveJme.

    Sorry to hear about your MacBook problems. I gather you do not have all that many personal files on the new hard drive, yet ?

    Try launching Apple's Disk Utility, in the Utilities folder, and run Repair Disk Permissions. See if that wouldn't fix it for you.

    If not, make backups of your personal data. Unplug all unnecessary peripherals.

    Boot from the Leopard DVD to reinstall from scratch but this time before going directly to the install sequence, from the menubar, launch Disk Utility, select your hard drive icon in the left sidebar in the pop up window, and ask for Erase -> Security Options and choose Zero all Data. This will make sure your hard drive is entirely wiped clean of any residual data.

    If you choose higher security options in the panel, it will do an even more thorough job, but it will take longer to process. Depending on the size of the hard drive, it could take hours.

    Make sure your MacBook is plugged in an electrical socket, in any case. Running on the battery for this is very risky if you lose juice during the process.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck ! Keep us posted on how it goes.

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    i had problems with the 10.5.2 update as well....but then i downloaded the file from the apple support site & installed it manually (as opposed to using software update)...& it worked!

    you should try it...maybe it'll work in your case too
    << i can explain it to you...but i can't understand it for you... >>

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    Good call, rohan ! Sounds way better than reinstalling all over again.

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    i was jsut having the smae problem

    i put a larger drive in my macbook and reinstalled OSX

    but it would not do the 10.5.2 update

    i even let it run all laast nite and nothing

    so i jsut tried the optional method of downloading and installing it went perfect took 10 minutes if that

    thanks i thought i was gonna have to rebuild

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