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    Stacks doesn't automatically update "sort by"
    Dear All,
    I have my "download folder" set as a Stack, set to "display as folder" and set to "view as fan". To have easy access to the most recent downloads I have it "sort by date added".
    My problem is that the Stack doesn't automatically update the "sort by date added" so that most times the most recent download doesn't show at all, unless I re-sort by fx "date modified" and then back to "date added" or open the folder in finder which kind of defies the purpose of Stacks in the first place.

    Anybody know how to make Stacks update the "sort by" when viewing as a fan?


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    Ok, I just did a little experiment to make sure.

    As long as all the files will fit in the fan then the latest download will be at the bottom of the stack. But if you have too many in the stack and at the top of the list is says "1 more in finder" or whatever then it won't show up and it'll be the 1 that's in finder. (I hope that makes any kind of sense)

    Maybe they'll update that, cause it would make more sense for the latest download to always be at the bottom of the stack. Until then, maybe you could use the grid or list view.

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    Thanks for the reply.
    I have found that if I choose to have the download Stack "display as Stack" it does update the Stack (and the icon) to show the most recent file downloaded, even if there is more than 9 (?) files in the folder/Stack...

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