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    smtp doesn't work on thunderbird and apple mail
    Hi there,

    On my settings for Thunderbird (on a Mac Leopard) at home, I am finding it possible to receive work imap email but not to send using Thunderbird. I am having my smtp connections refused. I think the problem may be a failure to store my smtp password, but that is a guess.

    1, I initially tried Thunderbird for Windows settings and they work on a Windows PC but not a Mac. I am told there is a syntactically invalid EHLO argument(s) when I try to send using the smtp server on the Mac using such settings.

    2. I tried different settings recommend for Entourage but on Thunderbird instead and these give me a different error message saying that the server is refusing smtp connections. At the moment I am using Entourage successfully with these settings but would prefer to use Thunderbird. The settings are port 587, SSL, password authentication.

    3. I have noticed that my smtp password is not asked for and not saved in the passwords whereas my incoming password has been asked for and is saved. Maybe this is the problem and I need to make sure my password is authenticated? That's a guess.

    4, My home POP ISP mail ingoing and outgoing on port 25 is fine. My work imap email incoming is fine. It is just the work smtp sending that doesn’t work.

    Incidentally I have had the same problems setting up Apple mail using the settings recommended by my work. Entourage works but I think this may be because it saves my incoming username and password for smtp whereas Thunderbird does not seem to do this.

    I thought that importing the settings from Entourage may work but when I try to import it doesn’t give Entourage as an option I can import from.

    Thanks for any advice!


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    In Thunderbird under Outgoing Server SMTP do you have User Name and Password checked under Security and Authentication checked? Do you have your account name there? If so it should ask for a password.
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