I've searched the forums and Google, but can't seem to find anything similar.

My Mac crashes every morning. When I switch on the monitor in a morning and move the mouse to wake it, I get the spinning pizza wheel thing and nothing will respond. CPU usage is at 100% on both processors. Iím on 10.3.5 and I think this started just after I installed the second to last software update.

Donít really see anything in the logs, but I donít really know where to look. Anyone have a hint on where to look?

All I leave running overnight are Azureus and Overnet, but I get the crashes if these are not running too. I also have a USB bluetooth dongle and USB camera plugged in. I read that I might have an incompatibility between the latest OS update and my USB devices. Is there any way to prove this for certain without unplugging them and waiting?