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    Need Help With Never Seen Problem!!
    Hi everyone,

    I've worked with macs for almost 10 years and had all sorts of machines, but I never came across a problem I'm experiencing now, trying to install JAGUAR on a G3 (white/blue) with a 350 MHZ processor, 64MB ram (original) plus 250MB ram and a 6 GB HD(original) plus a 70GB added.

    And so the problem is that after i tried all types of installation, formating HD, reseting PRAM and everything i could reset, installing from my powerbook, upgrading from classic, i end up having the same result.

    A SCREEN CRASH where I can see the apple and some freekin bars of "pixel noise" that cross the screen verticaly and that's it. All I pull the plug on the MAC and restart the process again.

    Is the G3 not ready for the JAGUAR or is there something else I'm missing.

    Any reply could help, if you have any clue on what's happening and is much apreciated.


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    Mac Mini 1.2 Ghz OS 10.4
    Does it look like that all the time? Or, like, is it just startup this happens?

    For a moment there I was thinking it might be your monitor.

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    I have a 400Mhz Power Macintosh G3 (B&W) running Tiger (10.4.11), so your machine is certainly able to run Jaguar (10.2.x).
    Check the RAM you are using. Those older machines are very particular about it. I have seen RAM cause all sorts of seemingly unrelated headaches with OS installs on older machines.
    There are the more obvious issues like a bad Graphics card or monitor connection, so check those out as well.
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    the monitor works fine with the rest of the computers i have at home(powerbook,pc) and works fine on this G3 as long as it's running CLASSIC. D3v1L80Y is suggesting the bad graphic card. How can i check that or the ram? ( i already tried using only the original ram, and the upgrade seperately)

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