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    Angry File Already Exists when copying ?? But it dosent!

    Im hoping some of you gurus can help me out with this problem, ive ben banging my head against a wall for a few days now.

    I am trying to copy a files from my macbook pro over to an external drive using a copy and paste. The problem I am having is that at some point I get an error stating the following

    "The operation could not be completed because a file with the name "Reception62.jpg" already exists."

    This is a jpeg file that i have exported from Iphoto along with a number of other photos and it resides in a directory called reception. IM trying to copy the complete directory.

    Things I have checked so far

    1. The files does not exist, i have in fact completed reformated the external drive and retried.

    2. Verified the file is not corrupted, it isnt. I deleted it and reexported it from Iphoto, no difference.

    3. I used a virtual windows machine to copy the file, this works perfectly.

    4. I renamed the file, it then copies without error, until the next file "Reception63.jpg" fails.

    The external drive is an NTFS drive, i have had the same result copying to a ext2 network storage device.

    This problem is not limited to one file, it occurs with many files, above is just an example. The files in question are not locked, and i have ful permissions on them.

    I really dont know where to go from here, any advice would be appreciated,


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    I think the problem is that the drive is NTFS format. From what I've read Mac's have a read only access because it's a Windows only format. I would suggest reformatting to HFS+ (if you will being using it with Macs only) or FAT32 if you need both systems to recognize it.

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    Hi AlyciaAnimation,

    I don't think its related to the format, MAC by default has read access to NTFS, this is correct, however i have installed Paragon which will give me write access to NTFS. Also, why would it write some files and not others?

    Even so, i have had the same issue with writing to ext2 filesystem, and also to Apples HFS (reformatted the external drive to HFS for testing). Each time the exact same file.

    Any further insight would be appreciated,


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