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    Moving/Sorting Apps into sub-folders within main Applications Folder
    Does anyone know if its 'OK' to begin moving/sorting some of my Apps that currently reside in the main 'Macintosh HD/Applications/' folder into sub-folders so that I can begin to have a little sense of organization in this folder? I've currently got about applications in my Applications folder, and its gotten a bit hectic as far as managing/finding the application I need at a particular moment, and I know that I could cut this number into less than half if I could, for example, group all of my iTunes/iPhone related apps into one folder, all of my Audio/Video tool apps into another folder, all of my backup apps into a third folder, etc...

    Anyone have any idea if doing this will completely screw things up for me and my system? Are there any applications that should no be moved into sub-folders for any reason (i.e. Time Machine, Spaces, obviously the existing 'Utilities' folder, etc...)

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!

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    You can pretty much put your applications anywhere you want. The Applications folder is just to keep you a little more organized.

    I'm not sure about applications like Photoshop where presets and plugins are located in folders alongside the actual (I don't know why you wouldn't do this anyway), but if you have programs like photoshop move the entire folder, not just the app itself.

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    The accepted wisdom is that moving apps can short-circuit any software updates that won't find them in the expected places. Some apps won't work if they are inside newly created folders, even if they and the new folders remain inside the Applications folder.

    It might be better to make aliases of the apps, distribute the aliases to different folders, then ignore the apps folder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek McNelly View Post
    It's called Quicksilver, my good man.
    Nah. Quicksilver's for suckahs. So's the dock. Especially the dock.

    Classic Menu, on the other hand, is for those of us who are stuck in 1986 . . . er . . . appreciate System 6 . . . er . . . us purists. Yeah, that's it. Purists. No Spotlight, either.

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    I've been using QuickSilver for years...its not a matter of being able to launch these apps quickly...its more an issue with being a frequent user/tester of new shareware apps, and I often forget many of the new ones I've recently downloaded, and trying to find them in my list of apps (below is honestly a real pain in the butt)'ll notice from the screenshot below my use of color labels, which is what I currently do to sort and easily identify newly download apps...

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