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Thread: Installing OS Using Firewire?

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    Mar 16, 2008
    Installing OS Using Firewire?
    If my moniker is to be believed, then I should know the answer to this question -- but I don't.

    Could I theoretically install a Mac OS on another Mac using a Firewire port?

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    I just downloaded SuperDuper backup and used it today preparatory to changing to a larger hard drive to back up my Macbook. SuperDuper recommends using a firewire external hard drive to back up your Macbook, so that means they expect you to restore your backup (including the OS) using a firewire port.

    So theoretically, you could install your OS on another Mac by backing it up from your current machine using SuperDuper (via firewire) and put it on another machine (hard drive) using it via firewire as well.

    Long way to say "Yes."


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    Mar 16, 2008
    Thanks a lot, Noel.

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    Yeah: You can also just insert the install DVD in a host Mac's DVD drive, put that Mac in target firewire mode by rebooting and holding down the "t" key and then install OS X from that Mac's DVD drive using a firewire cable connected to another Mac.

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    I have copies of Tiger and Leopard on 2 external firewire hard drives.

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