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    Problem w/ switching icons
    I am trying to change some icons. I have PNG files but when I copy them into the get info box it will not display. Is this the correct format for OS 10.5 icons or would I be able to, or better, can I convert them to a different format if not? I have tried using LiteIcon as well to switch them. Any help would be appreciated.

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    PNG files work fine. I guess the first question here is "how" are you copying the file? I recommend opening the file into any graphics viewer (Preview should do fine), then "Select All" (CMD-A), then "Copy" (CMD-C). Then, with the Get Info panel open, left-click once on the icon to give it a blue highlight on the edges, then "Paste" (CMD-V). Use the keyboard commands only... using the mouse to access the commands via the context menu can sometime be twitchy and cause you to de-select what you had selected.

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    hmmm. i must have been copy pasting wrong before. your method works great. thanks!

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