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    Question Restore 10.0.3 to G3 iBook?
    Hi. Mac newb here who just inherited an iBook G3. I used the included restore disks to wipe and resinstall the OS. The Restore 4-pack say "Mac OS versions 9.1, 10.0.3" on them. I had *some* version of X on the mac when i started the restore and figured it would put me back to that... but after running restore i only have 9.1 on the machine. I cant figure out how to get 10.0.3 installed.

    Anyone have any advice for me?

    thanks in advance!

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    Put in the cd, shut the iBook down, then boot it with the "C" key held down, that should let it boot it into the CD and then let you install OS X, PM me if you need more help
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