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jah 03-19-2008 01:08 PM

Screen Sharing remote control screen capture
-for remote control of my MAC, enabling screen sharing on a macbook-pro, 10.5.2 and using this as a server with NO password enabled.
-on a PC i am using VNC Viewer 4.1.2, no authentication enabled.
-no issue the other way around (PC as the server, MAC as the VNC client)

-when i try to VNC connect (from the PC client to the MAC server) i get an error prompt "no matching security types" i thought the Screen Sharing in the MAC was compatible with VNC?
-what settings would work better either on the PC or Mac??

MacsWork 03-19-2008 07:52 PM

Screen Sharing uses encryption. You need to utilize screen sharing with Leopard Macs. Using the Remote Management VNC is not encrypted. They are both in the Sharing preference.

jah 03-20-2008 02:44 PM

answered my question after a ton of trial and error.
i got a totally functional remote control screen onto my windows xp box from a macbook 10.5.2 as:
-on the mac goto SystemPreferences -> Sharing
set Screen Sharng = on
goto ComputerSettings
set "VNC viewer... with password" = "mypassword"
on the XP box, the RealVNC4.1.2 viewer screen goto Options
goto Color Encoding
set AutoSelect & Full Avaliable Colors = on
goto Inputs
set send pointer & keybd events to server & ClipBoard & Accept ClibBoard = on
goto Misc
set dynamic resize & Beep & reconnect = on
goto LoadSave
assert Defaults Save
assert OK
start the realVNC scession, you should be asked for the password you setup on the mac. You should be able on the XP box to do your bidding on the mac.

seems the password, no rendering and full color is the difference

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