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Thread: Is this Expose?

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    Angry Is this Expose?
    Sorry for my ignorance as I am new to 10.5.
    Is it Expose when suddenly all your Windows shrink and spread out?

    If so, I CANNOT figure out what I am doing to trigger it.
    No matter what I do, I CANNOT make it happen.
    It only happens when I don't want it to.

    I went into preferences and it's all dashes for the hot corners.
    It explains dashboard, but not how to get rid of Expose. I CANNOT STAND IT!!!

    Someone please tell me how to get rd of this nuisance for good!
    My co-worker is complaining as well.

    Thank You.

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    Expose is in fact quite useful when you know how to use it as if you have numerous windows open on your desktop, you can use expose to reveal them all then click on the one you want on top. This can be very handy for switching between windows on a busy desktop.

    You can set Expose up to be operated from your mouse. Go to Applications (in the Dock), select Keyboard and Mouse, then Mouse, then use the button selectors to choose your options (including expose, dashboard or whatever).

    You can also change the expose settings in Preferences by simply clicking on the Expose icon.

    Don't be too hasty about turning it off. Learn what it does first.

    Good luck


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    Aug 11, 2004
    Thank You, I know what it does.

    I just want to make it happen with a keyboard shortcut instead.
    I will figure it out.

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    By default, I believe it's the side-squeeze buttons on your Apple mouse. Those tend to be a little sensitive.

    You can disable them from the Keyboard and Mouse pane as AJB describes.

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    Keyboard shortcut is F11 ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SJTV1 View Post
    Keyboard shortcut is F11 ...
    On my macbook it's F9.

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    On mine it's F3.. lol

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    Exposť is F3 and Dashboard is F4 on Apple keyboards.
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    You mean on NEW Apple keyboards.

    Older Apple keyboards had different keystrokes to invoke Expose. My late 2006 Macbook has F9 and F10 as the Expose keys, with Dashboard as F12

    June 2007
    July 2009

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