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individual_echo 03-19-2008 08:39 AM

There was an error installing the software
I got a G4 and at first it just had a gray screen. Then it showed a folder with a question mark after i opened the case and plugged it into my XP machine (to backup the data) There is saw the disk was not initialized nothing. So i initialized it and saw that it shows the disk is not allocated. So i left it there and plugged it back into the Mac. Put the OS X disk in and now i get to the installation but it does not install. It says "there was an error installing the software". I tried the repair but it also does not want to. I have no idea what was done to the machine because someone else did something on the network and from then it was like this. Now i have to try and sort it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

harryb2448 03-19-2008 05:39 PM

G'day and welcome to the forums.

Bit of a mess eh?

First off which model G4 is it and what install DVD/CD do you have and it is important the install disc be either the original which came with the machine or full retail discs which are black colored.

Once we have the install discs sorted out it will be necessary to boot from the disc holding down 'C' and reformatting the HDD and installing software.

individual_echo 03-20-2008 03:19 AM

I have a power mac g4 tower case. Sorry if my mac lingual is bad, im more of a pc kinda guy. I don't know if it is the right cd i got with. The lady who's mac it is said that its the software for it, but she has a imac as well. so it might be that she gave me the wrong software set. the software i got is a OS X cd, 1-4 imac software restore and a imovie2 cd. if it is the wrong OS X cd, what can i do?

harryb2448 03-20-2008 05:41 PM

iMac software will not install on your G4 tower period. You need to find on eBay or similar a full retail install disc for whatever you wish to run, such as Tiger X.4, Panther X.3 or Jaguar X.2.

If you are thinking of Leopard your G4 must have at least an 867MHz processor and 1GB memory.

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