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Thread: iMac G5 problem

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    iMac G5 problem
    OK well unfortunately im a novice to mac.

    What I did was, I tried to "restore" an image in disc utility. The image was actually a windows xp image. It was a sparse image.
    So In Disk Utility I went to RESTORE, for the SOURCE I put the windows image, and for the Destination I made it the Mac HD. I figured that it would create another image file and place it on the hard drive. BUT it did not, what it did was, it made the MAC HDD the Windows Image. Basically the harddrive thinks it is windows XP now. So now I restarted the Mac and it keeps trying to load the windows IMAGE and it will NOT boot in OSX. If I hold down the Option key upon boot up, the harddrive Icon actually says the name of the Image "Windows Xp image" so now it is telling me that the HDD is acting as windows xp. While the restore was "COPYING" i saw that in FINDER under the harddrive, an icon was created called "Windows Xp image"


    1. Is there any way I can somehow fix this. I cannot even get on to the desktop.

    2. Is there anyway to revert back the the original OS X System folder?

    I cannot even boot into OS X, it keeps trying to load that image file.

    The Mac currently has OS X 10.3.9. I also upgraded the pc to 2GB of RAM and I bought a 250GB HDD. I just bought OS X Leopard so what I want to do is install Leopard on the new 250GB HDD and have the original HDD with 10.3.9 as a backup in case something goes wrong with leopard.

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    you should just do an archive and install when you install leopard. that will keep all your other stuff.

    as far as your image goes, usually if its a mac image you have to "scan for restore" before you restore the image onto the drive.

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