DB said pretty much everything I would have said so I will not repeat any of it.

Kernel Panic's are very often caused by bad ram. Do you have other RAM of the correct type you could install in the machine and see if that solves your issue? Your Dual 450 sounds like it's a Gigabit Ethernet PowerMac G4. That takes PC100 SDRAM. Each module can be up to 512 Megs. PC133 RAM will also work as long as the sticks do not have High Density RAM chips.

I am a LONG TIME PC repair tech. Motherboards do go bad. More than most people will ever know. So does RAM. I bought a G4 350Mhz Yikes machine from a good friend. It worked fine with Jaguar 10.2 but with either 10.3 or 10.4 would get a Kernel Panic just like you are getting 1/2 way through the boot up from the install CD. I almost pulled out all my hair trying to troubleshoot it. Later found after trying everything it was defective CACHE RAM on the G4 CPU. Bought another G4 400mhz CPU this time from Ebay and the machine works great a year later.

Windows XP SP2 will crash, Blue Screen, Lock and do pretty much everything OSX is doing for you if there is bad RAM or other defective hardware.

I see it all the time. Does that make XP junk? Not at all. Not in the least.