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    Unhappy Can't empty the trash
    When I choose "Empty Trash" in the trash window, the trash window closes, the sound of the emptying trash is heard, but the items aren't deleted.
    (No message appears, the window just closes)

    I have 11 GB in the trash that I can't delete!

    Please help.

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    Try holding the Option or control key down then hit Empty Trash - it is called a secure erase I believe.

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    Check out the links in the Similar Threads list below your thread in this page. A forum search would have led you to those threads. At least two of those threads would probably answer your question.

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    Open a terminal and type the following

    rm -r -i /Users/yourusername/.Trash/*

    That will allow you to confirm what you are deleting.

    If you don't want to bother with confirming, then just remove the "-i" from the above command.


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