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    can't delete a folder
    Hi, I am new to mac, but have some experience with several linux distributions. The only thing that annoyies me of my new Mac is that some folders that I have imported from Windows can't be deleted. I have tried it by:

    - With the graphic interface (get info, you know) but I can't uncheck the "blocked" button because it says that it's only read
    - So, I opened the terminal and tried the chmod command. Everything within the folder to 777 (-R). Still I couldn't delete the folder neither through the graphic interface nor through the rm command
    - After reading everything in this forum, I tried the chflag command, with similar results
    - I have even tried the chown command, but it didn't work either

    Is ther any possibility to get rid of my stupid folder-comung-from-windows?

    Thank you very much in advance.

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    This bit of shareware lets you trash as root

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    Thank you, I'll give it a try!

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    if you are the admin you should change the option to read & write.
    i had a similar problem with locked folders which i had imported from a windows system.
    i changed the permissions...worked for me...

    though you might want to give louishen's method a try first
    << i can explain it to you...but i can't understand it for you... >>

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