hi, I've got 2 routers; one in a garden office on the business phone line and another in the house on the home line. I can just about connect to the office router wirelessly from the house but when in the house I obviously select the house router for Internet etc etc.

The office network us where I hold all photos and music in a pc. The mac pro in the office is connected to this pc via Ethernet. When it boots up in the morning it connects to several folders on the pc and creates shortcuts on the desktop ready for ne to use.

Now, back to the MacBook in the house. Tfe preferred network is obviously the house as the signal is strongest. So, all users have house network as preferred network.

What I want to achieve is when i select the office network wirelessly from the house it autoconbefts to remote shared folders on the pc in the office.

Is there anyway to do this? I could put the remote server connections in startup but they would all fail on bootup as default network us home.

The only way I can think of is to create a profle just for office and then when I want to connect to office network I would havevto log off and back in again

Any ideas? Recent convert to MSc so pretty inexperienced. Sorry for typos, creating thus post on iPhone!!!!