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    Has Facebook possessed my Macintosh?
    I originally posted this on, and someone recommended I try a Mac forum - simply because the problem is somewhat bizarre. For the record, here is the original link. Due to a lack of constraints, I'm going to try to be even more explicit here.

    I have a Powerbook G4 which is a few years old, but still works quite well - save a broken LCD. Anyway, it's used as a desktop essentially - with an external monitor, mouse and keyboard. Recently I installed Leopard.

    Yesterday, I woke it up from sleep to use it. This consists of clicking the mouse, since the monitor on the Powerbook is always closed. Anyway, I started to type something, and incorrect characters for my keystrokes kept coming up. 'That's strange' I thought. Then I remembered that I have both French and English enabled for my system, so in the top right corner of the screen, I simply changed the flag from the French one to the American one. Problem solved... at least I thought.

    I tried to type again, and the system went back to French - not once, but several times - maybe six. Eventually the American flag became gray as though it wasn't a valid option anymore.

    I've had a couple of bugs here and there in Leopard, so I re-booted, wondering if this would solve my problem. Here's where the story gets interesting.

    Disclaimer: I am largely an advocate against Facebook, but when the phenomena is analyzed in twenty or thirty years, for this reason, I am a member - simply because I want to understand it. In reality, it has very little utility for me, and my profile is essentially empty. I don't like being a commodity. /End Disclaimer

    Anyway, I went on Facebook, and interestingly the site launched in French yesterday. Is this a simple coincidence, or could this have something to do with my Mac trying to switch over to French on me? I use French and English when communicating on Facebook, so I thought it was rather curious that this all happened at the same time. Facebook changed on me on its own - I did not change any preferences.

    After rebooting, all seems well - but why would this all just happen at the same time? Anyone have any ideas? In any case, if it does have something to do with that dreadful site, all the scarier. TIA for your input.


    PS, Hello, and I'm excited to try to contribute to the site

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    You may have hit command space by mistake - that switches between active languages

    is English at the top of your list in the International preferences tab?

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