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    Exclamation Repair Disk Permissions issue HELP!!
    Have just got a new MBP running Leopard,

    After installing a number of applications I then tried to "repair the disc permissions" in Disc Utility, it started to do so with the progress bar growing, however it stopped about 1/4 of the way through and didn't progress any further. I stopped it and tried again, when I did it immediatley resumed to 1/4 way through but still doesn't progress any further - any ideas on what the issue may be or how I can get it to complete the task?


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    Have your tried restarting and using the Disk Utilities on the Leopard Disk? Also have you upgraded to the latest version of Leopard 10.5.2 I believe?

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    thanks will give that a go tonight!

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    In Leopard this takes a long time . This is Normal in Leopard (Well it is on the 3 macs I have running Leopard in this house) . It took me by surprise the first time as this didn't happen in Tiger.... Just do as follows

    When the progress bar stops just let it alone for about 5-6 mins it will then burst into activity and finish the job .... Bobs your uncle
    Now with Leopard

    I was Member of the month April 08

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    The bar will seem as if it is broken and state 1 minute remaining. Start Repair Permissions and go and make coffee. Takes about twenty minutes as this is a much more intensive program that earlier OS X versions.

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