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    Unhappy 3 users - one internet?
    Hi folks, apologies for my lack of techy knowledge!
    We are family of 3, with 3 different log ins to our Imac.
    Only I can access email correctly and internet on my login.
    We used to be able to access internet and email on my partners log in too, and internet on our daughters. I inadvertantly put her email and Safari icons in the trash, and can no longer see them anywhere on her log in.
    How can we retrieve them, or how can I copy them from my log in?

    All help much appreciated!



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    Welcome aboard! I would guess that the problem will be fairly simple to fix. Log in to your daughter's account. Safari and Mail live in your Applications folder, that folder is accessible to all of your user accounts. Just double click the icon of your hard drive and double click Applications. You should be able to find and launch Safari and Mail from there.
    When they are open, icons for both will appear in the Dock, hold your mouse on the icon and a pop up will allow you to keep them there permanently.
    Good luck!

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    Thanks Sherman. I wish it was that simple.

    There is no sign of Safari or Mail in the directory (Applications). The Mail that is in there is the one with the pencils icon, whereas the one on my dock is the postage stamp icon??

    Any other suggestions, this is a pain

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    Well now, that is odd. Here is the issue: both Safari and Mail are programs that should be visible in the Applications folder, regardless of what account is being used. When they are launched they look into the appropriate User's folder for the data they need. But the programs themselves are completely independent of which user is running them.
    The generic icon of the pencils is going to be useless, something is quite wrong there.
    One element of confusion is that the Applications folder that Safari and Mail should be in the one in the first level of stuff in your hard drive. Double click your hard drive --> Applications.
    There is also an Applications folder in your User folder. Generally no one puts applications in that folder because anything in there would only be available to that user when that user is logged in, no one else could use that app.

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    I wish they were there - they're not...eeek. Perhaps I'll ring Apple

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    Oct 27, 2006
    If they have been moved from that first level Applications folder Apple will tell you to reinstall the system. Which is probably a good idea. A reinstall is simple and non-destructive. This ain't Windows, your data, users and settings will not be damaged.

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