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    Feb 09, 2008
    Menu bar
    Can somebody please, help me to change Menu bar in Leopard OS?
    Thank You

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    Mar 11, 2004
    Change it how?

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    hehe...yea...that is a bit vague...if you want it to be opaque, after the 10.5.2 update you can...go to - system preferences > desktop & screensaver & in the desktop tab uncheck the translucent menu bar box...
    beyond this as far as i know you cannot change the appearance of the toolbar in leopard (shapeshifter could do much more but is not compatible with leopard till now)
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    According to the attached link,

    Leopard: Disable / Enable Translucent Menu Bar | Mac OS X Leopard | Tech-Recipes

    I'm supposed to see the option to turn on and off. I'm using Leopard on my emac and I don't see this option even after upgrading to 10.5.6

    Any reason why??
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    Only guessing here since you've not said, that you do not have a translucent menu bar. My best guess would be that your graphics card does not support it. Don't really know though.
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    You can also change the placement of some of the icons in the menu bar if you hold cmd and then click and drag. It only appears to work for icons in the menu bar that are part of Leopard (ie something like the dropbox icon won't move).

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