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    emma random
    Angry Font Problems & Management in OSX
    Using OSX3.2 on G4 Mirrored Doors doing Graphic design and repro.

    Having trouble understanding the world of fonts! Used to use Suitcase with OS9. Now using Font Book that comes with the OS. Some fonts I have are quite old now, and out of my full library that worked ok on OS9, a lot don't seem at all happy on OSX. I had some problems in Illustrator regarding fonts which made swatch palettes disappear. Having thought I'd fixed the problem by finding and removing them (a lengthy task), today I've started another job, activated some fonts and the problem has happened again with different fonts. It seems all of a sudden I have loads of fonts causing problems with the swatch palettes disappearing that had previously worked. Is it my system that's suddenly started to corrupt these fonts?

    I keep my fonts in my own folder on the HD rather than in Library/fonts. I assume FontBook puts them in Library/fonts when activated, and they stay there unless you take them out? If I clean off all the fonts by deleting my own master folder, and all the files out of the Library/fonts folder is that going to get rid of system fonts too and cause me massive probs? I'd like to do this because then I can start fresh and add fonts just as I need them, and I'll know which are my problem fonts as I go.

    I read that font book cannot handle large numbers of fonts, is this the case? Would it solve all my probs if I had Suitcase X1? I'm also finding certain fonts work on one Mac, then on the other Mac (identical system software), it won't load into font book??!!! Is there an easy solution to all these font management issues? Is there a font library that you can buy for OSX compatability?

    I need to understand fonts better and how they work in OSX. Can anyone answer or point me in the direction of some info? :confused:

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    I removed your other 2 threads because we don't allow double (or triple in this case) posting.

    These links should provide you some help
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    OSX uses True type, Post script type 1 and the Open Type fonts which are common on windows. The old Mac Bitmapped fonts will not work in OSX, they will only work up to OS9.
    Deleting system fonts would seem to be a good recipe for disaster.
    In font book there is a pull up window under the shown font which will give more info.
    I have a large font collection & the OSX Font book works well for turning fonts on or off and making up various collections. The help files are comprehensive and the links in the post above very useful.
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    I've sort of ran into the same problem. I recently installed Suitcase X1 and deleted some of the duplicates and stuff. Stupidly, i screwed with my /library/fonts/ folder and now all my programs are running screwy. Anyone know of a way to restore all the system fonts (which i have probably deleted)?

    I'm scared of running the restore program because i'm thinking it will erase all my stuff. Any ideas?

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