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Huxy 03-11-2008 05:25 AM

Gen 1 intel iMac help
Hey! After zeroing advice

I am selling my iMac, I'm off traveling and am looking at a Mac Book Air.

Ok, I want to completely erase everything, places I have been, everything I've installed, photos I've taken... basically take the iMac back to it's initial data which it had when I first started it up. Oh, I remember the day!

The second thing is I used my iMac to do home recordings and partitioned the drive so I could record straight to drive that was not where all my other crap was stored. I'm told there is no way (other than installing leopard) that I can delete that partition is there?

I have the boot discs (that came with the iMac when i brought it) but what now? Do I back up everything I want to keep, delete the programs I've put on there and then re-install or what?

And also how do I change settings so the new owner can can personalize the iMac? I.e computer name, account info, passwords etc?
and any tips for cleaner the white keyed keyboard? I'm thinking bout taking all the keys of and soaking them in bleach ..hahaha

First time, quick learner... please help!


Huxy 03-13-2008 02:15 AM

any info on zeroing would be greatly helpful! please reply!

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