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    Accidently Formatted my drive w/sudo
    I was formatting an external drive and forgot I had another drive in my computer that was my backup, I did a sudo format and made 4 new partitions on both drives.

    The partitions are 2 ntfs, 1 fat32, and 1 hfs. The previous format was hfs (mac, 1 partition) and I NEED TO RECOVER THE FILES FROM IT.

    I wondering if this is possible because I divided it up to so many different partitions. I've been running testDisk for about five hours now, but it still has a long way to go in anaylizing.

    Does someone know a cheap or free program that would be able to recover my files. Or does anyone know if this is even possible.
    (The drive has not had anything written to it since my stupid mistake).

    Thanks Jeff

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    I believe that you are out of luck here. The only way I know is to pay someone like
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