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Thread: Are Macs harder to hack then PCs?

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    Are Macs harder to hack then PCs?
    Just wondering... also with bootcamp would it be fine on the smallest HD macbook or is a bigger harddrive recommended? I have no idea how the program works I just heard it splits your harddrive in 1/2 and I don't want that affecting my PC performance/speed.

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    All Bootcamp does it Partition the Hard Drive like Partition Magic on a Windows system, install a Bootloader so you can choose Windows or OSX, and provides drivers for the hardware for Windows. Otherwise bootcamp has no effect on the system performance at all. When you boot into Windows it's like Windows on any other PC with the same hardware.

    It lets you choose the size for your Windows Partition. I choose 5GB for my XP because I only was using it for helping others with their Bootcamp and running some tests.

    If you run XP or Vista on a Mac, it's just as secure or unsecure as it is on a a Dell.

    OSX which is based on BSD is more secure overall, but in Windows it's Windows. The Mac does nothing to improve Windows Security. My opinion anyway.

    I hope you are not just going to get a Mac to run Vista on and ignore OSX. If so just get a PC. They are a lot cheaper if all you intend to do is run Windows.

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    Bootcamp creates a separate partition on your hard drive.

    If you have a 100GB hard drive and you wish windows to use 40GB. You will now have.

    60GB available to the Mac
    40Gb available to the PC.

    So far as performance goes, because you boot to either one or other and not both at the same time the only thing that you lose is hard drive space on your mac partition.

    With hacking and virus'. I think it is about 5% of computers are Macs. Hackers and Virus makers have far more fun attacking the windows majority than the Mac system.

    Yes the Mac is more secure. However if the devious hacking hive mind turned its attention to the Mac I wouldn't put any money on it being impervious to persistent attacks.

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