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    Newbie using terminal
    In Tiger I'm using Pico in Terminal to write html pages.
    I don't know how to change to directories that have spaces, quotes or underscores in their names.
    When I type the full name, or the first 6 characters followed by ~1, Terminal just goes to a new line consisting of > and does not respond to any commands.
    Can I move into my long directory name_files or open a file within it? or do i have to rename everything to a name that Terminal can cope with?
    Advice would be gratefully received.

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    To cd to a folder with a space in it you need to "escape" the name. For instance:
    cd ~/folder/'folder with space'
    You can also use a " as an escape.
    Naming folders with quotes is NOT recommended.
    Folder names with underscores should work correctly as is.
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    Remember that you can use the \ as the escape. For example you have a file called:

    /Users/Frank Sinatra/my songs/"Eye" by Smashing Pumpkins, the.mp3

    You can use it in terminal as:

    /Users/Frank\ Sinatra/my\ songs/\"Eye\"\ by\ Smashing\ Pumpkins\,\ the.mp3


    '/Users/Frank Sinatra/my songs/"Eye" by Smashing Pumpkins, the.mp3'

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    Thank you very much.
    Both work.
    I've also discovered the use of the wild card * gives every file that starts with the typed characters. Good shorthand for where there are few files or folders to choose from. Sticking the * in the middle of the path allows you to define the starting and ending characters of the files or folders you want to select.

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    Keep in mind you don't actually have to type all that either. OS X, like many other *nix OS's has tab completion. So for example in the above commands I'd type

    /Us (hit tab, so it'll now say)
    /Users/ (then type) Frank (hit tab)
    /Users/Frank\ Sinatra/my (tab)

    etc it will continue to build the command structure for you. I hope that made some sense, if not... try hitting the tab key while you're typing out your file path and see what happens.
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